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Lourdes 2024

Pilgrimage Dates

In 2024 the pilgrimage will take place from Friday 5 July to Friday 12 July 2024.  We will post more details as they become available. Please contact us if you need any further information - click here



Helpers form a crucial part if the pilgrimage team as they care for our supported pilgrims in the Saint Frai Centre.  Our helper team consists of Doctors, nurses, male helpers, lady helpers, youth and clergy. Please have a look at our helpers page - click here.

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Diary Dates

Full details of all events leading up to the pilgrimage are available on our Calendar page.  We hope to see you at these events.  


Click here to go to the calendar.


Supported Pilgrims

Our supported pilgrims in Lourdes stay in the Saint Frai Centre and are cared for by our helper team.  If you (or someone you know) are interested in travelling to Lourdes as a supported pilgrim, please contact us - click here

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