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Helper Bulletin: 12 Jun 2024

Dear Volunteer Helper,


We are writing to you about this years pilgrimage as there is not long to go now.  Please read the points below in case there are any items which require your attention.


Mass of Welcome

This takes place on Sunday (16th June) at 3pm in St Cuthbert’s Church – 104 Slateford Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1PT.  We hope you can make it as this will be our last chance to get together prior to departure day.


Practical Preparation Day

Thank you to those who attended the practical preparation day last Sunday.  We hope you found it useful and a good opportunity to meet other pilgrims.  If you were unable to attend last Sunday then we will be in touch soon about a sweep-up session.


Safeguarding Checks

A small number of helpers have still not completed all of their safeguarding checks.  If this applies to you then you will be aware of it already, as we will have been in touch with you about it.  As time is running short, we need to get outstanding checks completed to avoid anyone not being able to volunteer in Lourdes.  Someone will be in touch with you soon about this so please do engage with us and help us to help you through the checks.


BLMA Online Training

As we discussed at the preparation day – in addition to practical preparation and safeguarding checks, we are also required to undertake some online modules.  People who have done the training before will only need to do one refresher module.  New helpers will have 5 modules to complete.  You should have received login instructions from the BLMA or ‘LearnUpon’.  If you have not received login details or you have experienced problems in logging in or completing modules, please can you email BLMA direct at  They should be able to assist you.  If you do still are experiencing problems having contacted BLMA then please contact us by replying to this email.  Please ensure your online training is completed prior to departure.


Travel Documentation

For those travelling with Tangney Tours, your e-ticket and other instructions will be sent out by Tangney Tours in the next few weeks.  If you have not used your passport in a while you may want to look it out now to avoid any last-minute panic!


New Volunteer Orientation

We plan to hold a session in Lourdes on to provide new helpers with an idea of they key places in the town and in the Sanctuary.  We will let new helpers know about this soon.                                


Text messages

If there are any short notice changes to plans when we are in Lourdes then we will communicate with you through your groups leader and also via text messages.


Departure Day – Friday 5 July 2024

When you get your e-ticket from Tangney Tours, this will advise what time you should turn up at Edinburgh Airport.  As the Airport will likely be busy, please try to turn up as close to your advised arrival time as possible.


Helper ID Badges

Please can new helpers send a photo to so that your helper ID badge can be made up.



As always – if you have any questions, please reply to this email.


The Committee

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