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Final Bulletin

Updated Wednesday 6 July

Outbound Flight Arrangements

Pilgrims travelling with Tangney Tours should now have received their documents. Check-in is ticketless.

The flight is scheduled to leave at 8am on Friday 8th July 2022, and the Airport has asked that travellers turn up at 6am. 

Travellers should head to check-in desk 35 or 36 to check in.  Please note that these are different gates to the ones publicised previously - this is because the Airport decided to change them. 

Please remember to complete your luggage label and attach it to your luggage.

It is likely that a dedicated channel will be created for assisted pilgrims and their allocated helper in order to get through security.  All other pilgrims can proceed through security and passport control as normal.  

Wheelchairs in the Airport will be available for those requiring them.



COVID Measures


You will be aware that COVID has not gone away and if fact, infections have been rising recently.  It is therefore crucial that we all look after each other.  
Most of the mitigations now are recommended rather than mandatory, however we would encourage all pilgrims to take precautions wherever possible.  

This may include wearing a mask, washing/sanitising your hands regularly, and leaving some distance from other people where possible.  

For the plane journey, we are strongly recommending that all passengers wear a face covering given the number of people who will be together in a confined space.  

We would be very grateful for your cooperation in helping to keep everyone safe - especially our vulnerable pilgrims.  

When in Lourdes there are some areas where face coverings are mandatory.  This includes the Accueil Centres and the Baths.


Essential Items


Pilgrims will be aware of the items that they need to bring for their own circumstances, so the following list is not exhaustive, but the following are essential items:

  • Passport

  • Proof of vaccination


  • Insurance Documents

  • Medication

  • Sun protection & Rain Protection 



Pilgrimage Programme


Pilgrims can view the programme for the week on our website:





On the Monday evening, some of our sick pilgrims and their helpers will attend a concern in the Domaine.  

It will also be possible for other pilgrims to purchase a ticket for the Concert.  The cost is €30. 

Further information will be available when we arrive in Lourdes.



Lourdes - The Musical


This Musical has now been running for a number of years and has received much praise from those who have seen it.  

Looking at our programme for the week, there would be limited opportunities to attend with the only slot being on the Tuesday afternoon at 3pm for anyone not going on the excursion.  

Any pilgrims who would like to go can book a ticket at the link below.  

Helpers may be required for duty so should check with their head of department before booking.





If you have any questions, please let us know:

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