Male helpers

Male helpers (or "Brancardiers" to use the French term) are involved in a range of duties and are primarily called on to perform the more physical/active tasks depending on ability.  Brancardiers work primarily with sick pilgrims from our own Archdiocese, who stay in the St Frai Centre in Lourdes.  Their duties may include:
  • Pushing wheelchairs
  • Pulling 'voitures' (special carriage for sick pilgrims)
  • Assisting male pilgrims with washing, dressing and feeding as required
  • Taking pilgrims out to ceremonies, a cafe, or shopping
  • Supporting sick pilgrims
  • Working an occasional night shift
  • Participating in the full range of pilgrimage activities - Masses, Ceremonies, Processions and social gatherings
If you are thinking about volunteering as a Brancardier, or would like more information, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" page and your enquiry will be passed to the Chief Brancardier who will get in touch with you to tell you a bit more.

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