Helpers Information Booklet

Information Book For Helpers
A typical Day

Although the day can vary depending on what is happening; and what group people are in; the following schedule is an example of a typical day on Pilgrimage.

6.30. Arrive at hospital to assist with Rise and Shine and be available to help to wash and dress patients if required

7.15. Breakfast - accompany patients to the refectory, help to serve breakfast, help patients who need assistance, dry dishes in the kitchen, tidy up and prepare tables for next meal Ward cleaning, general tidy up, help with bed making, wash, disinfect wards and toilet areas

8.00. Pilgrimage activities - take pilgrims out to ceremony, accompany patients to Mass. visit cafes

11.30. Lunch - same tasks as breakfast

13.00. Pilgrimage Activities including preparing patients for the Pilgrimage service, transferring patients to/from Grotto and/or Baths
, shopping with/for patients, sightseeing with patients, accompany patients to the Blessed Sacrament Procession, accompany patients back to hospital for evening meal

18.30. Dinner - same tasks as Lunch

20.00. Evening - sing-song / concert / party, serve suppers, prepare patients for bed, vacate Saint Frai by 10.00pm

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