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Information Book For Helpers
Places in Lourdes

When we are in Lourdes there are two main areas that our group will use.

The first one is the town itself where the following are situated:

  • Saint Frai Centre (place where our assisted pilgrims stay)
  • Hotels/Apartments (where helpers and Hotel pilgrims stay)
  • Shops
  • Cafes
  • Tourist attractions

The other area that we will visit frequently is the "Domaine". This is the name for the area which houses most of the sacred sites in Lourdes. This includes:
  • The Grotto – the cave where the apparitions took place and where the miraculous spring is located
  • The Esplanade – the main square where gatherings take place, an Esplanade Altar is situated in the square for open-air Masses
  • The Rosary Basilica, Immaculate Conception Basilica and Crypt – churches looking onto Rosary Square
  • The Basilica of St Pius X – large church which is completely underground and holds 40,000+ pilgrims. The Eucharistic Procession finishes in this place
  • Crown Virgin Statue – a key meeting place
  • Church of St Bernadette – large modern Church opposite the Grotto St Joseph’s Chapel
  • St Joseph's Chapel - a small church used for Archdiocesan Masses
  • The Meadow – large grassy area opposite the Grotto used for gatherings, reflection and Masses
  • The Baths – building that houses the baths that pilgrims can choose to be immersed in the water from the Spring.
The Saint Frai Centre is a short distance from the Domaine (5 minutes walk)

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