Preparation Programme

Attendance at Practical Preparation Event(s) is mandatory. For new helpers, it provides a basic grounding in the work that will be undertaken in Lourdes. For experienced helpers, it is an opportunity to refresh and update skills.

In previous years, we have offered one preparation day, however this meant that a number of supplementary sessions had to be arranged for helpers who were not able to attend the main session. Not only did this generate a lot of work for presenters, but supplementary sessions had to be condensed, which could have created inconsistency of preparation.

During the feedback sessions which took place after the 2017 Pilgrimage, a number of helpers suggested that there should be more than one opportunity for practical preparation. The Committee has taken this feedback on board and will offer two preparation programmes in 2018:

The is a full-day programme on Sunday 3
rd June 2018. It is likely that some helpers will start around mid-morning and some will start around lunchtime, depending on experience and any training due for renewal. The exact details will be confirmed individually to each helper at a later date.

This is a programme that is spread over two evenings – 11
th and 18th June 2018 from 7pm to 9.30pm. New helpers (and helpers who are due to update Safeguarding Training) will be required to attend both evenings. Others will only have to attend the second evening. The exact details will be confirmed individually to each helper at a later date.

You are required to attend EITHER Programme A (Sunday) OR Programme B (evening(s) ).

All sessions will be held in St Augustine’s RC High School, 208 Broomhouse Road, Edinburgh, EH12 9AD. Please wear comfortable clothing as some practical work will be involved.

Participants who attend the Sunday programme should bring a packed lunch. We also hope to include Mass as part of the Sunday programme.

Helpers should be aware that no additional sessions will be offered in addition to the ones listed above. We are sorry to advise that if you are unable to attend either programme then we will not be able to accept you as a helper in 2018.

Having read this information, we would now ask you to complete one of the helper declaration which can be found on the Lourdes 2018 page -
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