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Helper Documents

Helpers Booklet & Risk Assessment Sign-Off

The helpers booklet is a key part of your preparation.  It contains a range of useful information to assist you in your volunteering experience.  Helpers are required to read the Risk Assessments which start on page 16 of the booklet.  Once read, helpers are required to sign an the Risk Assessment Sign-Off Form stating that they have (or will) read the Risk Assessments and will abide by them.  Helpers are welcome to print the Booklet or save it on to their own computer or storage device.  Click on the buttons below to open the booklet (PDF document 854kb) and Form (Word document 171kb).  

Helpers Booklet Risk Assessment Sign-Off

This page contains some of the Documents that will be required as part of your preparation.  Some of the documents may take a while to open - especially if it is the first time you have accessed them.


The following documents are used as part of  Safeguarding Awareness Training and should be read by helpers.

Welcome Guide Summary Card