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Financial Assistance 2017 - deadline 2nd June 2017
Financial Assistance 2017 - deadline 2nd June 2017

The organising committees acknowledge the crucial role that voluntary helpers play in caring for sick pilgrims in Lourdes.  We are keen to ensure that financial difficulties do not become a barrier to being a helper on the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage.

We try to attract funding so that financial assistance can be provided to helpers, however these funds are limited and it is important that they are used as prudently as possible.  

It is therefore important that any monies are prioritised.  If you have raised funds through a donation or by your own fundraising efforts, we would ask you to consider this when deciding whether or not to apply.  In addition, if you have raised/received funds for more than half of your costs, then we would respectfully ask you to consider not applying.

Having considered the matter, if you feel that financial assistance would be required, please complete the details below.

There are some conditions related to financial assistance:

You must travel on, and assist with, the official pilgrimage flight on both outbound and return journeys.  You must work full-time as part of a designated helper team in the Saint Frai Centre, on a helper team rota.  You must have been accepted as a helper having completed the following requirements - i.e. a clear PVG check, and clear Church checks.  You must have attended practical preparation and undertaken Safeguarding awareness training in last 5 years

You can apply by completing the boxes below: